Office View ©Stefanos Kouratzis

Photography, is the key that unlocks the chains of reality.

By living in an industrialized system of visual information, we are constantly bombarded with a plethora of temporary photographic rubbish and we find ourselves in a constant risk of being disorientated from the very essence of Photography and its important role since its discovery in our everyday life but above all, in our collective memory. It is a language and its ability lays in its ongoing evolution.

As a medium, redefines structured rules and boundaries by sharpening our perception and challenging everything, visually established, in its essence.

Has set new radical ways of visual perception, intellection, and aesthetics while constantly reminding us that, as newborns, we first open our eyes and then we speak. Constantly demands and tests our knowledge, practice, patience, dedication and development. Even when everything seems to have been at a halt, just right there, meanings and dimensions are reflected beyond the conventional ones. Through its many and different vocabularies, it connects today with yesterday and at the same time the future with the past.

A photograph, and whatever its aesthetic effect, is essentially a glance, beyond the technique, to the personality and the bits of an Artist.

All the influences from photographers or pictures themselves but mainly, from artistic and social movements and other forms of expression, such as poetry, music, literature and painting are intergraded in the final result. We all have influences. The important thing is to try and decode those influences from a different angle and try to take a step further by producing work and carving a new purely personal path without, blocking oneself in an one dimensional and dry vocabulary. Constantly challenging and surprising us while wanting to break any boundaries that may exist.

Anything can stimulate that deep sleeping need to commune an idea or a visual message. A word. A sound. A smell. A look. It comes when one works.

Each project is the need, at a certain period of time, to communicate at a different level in a different context and vocabulary.

Whenever we feel comfortable in a field, is the best moment to challenge ourselves.

There is a constant demand to reinvent ourselves and avoiding any kind of labels on each project. Visiting Museums, Art galleries, read poetry, watching movies, studying art movements are key ingredients. Reading artists bios. Reading all one can and even more. Then, working. Hard. Even harder when it feels that it goes nowhere. There is always something there waiting to reveal a new different message. When feeling tired, disappointed and frustrated, this is the key point to give it all. It pays off. Letting ourselves to absorb as much as possible and live life. We are part of this world. Not just bystanders or observers. Some topics demand the redefinition of one’s own perception and aesthetics of the world as it we perceived it. The eyes must open and redeem everything that one was taught, saw, loved, felt through the Life and Art.

Through processes that we are receiving and transmitting, multileveled and multidimensional stimulations through messages, both at an emotional and mental level, are used as means to start a dialogue through a visual vocabulary that changes, alters or its denatured while accepting challenges and invitations of life’s fragments with Anthropos, being the protagonist. Thus, by provoking and encouraging new ways of thinking, looking, but also of consciousness, perception and understanding, through a constantly changing natural and artificial landscape, it prescribes a continuous search of the relationships that are created between Anthropos, everyday life and his works, with signs and practices becoming a place and a point of reference.

Answers, looking for the right questions and have as their basis, a purely anthropocentric character and discuss with space and time and the seemingly long distance of yesterday and tomorrow, revealing or hiding in the light and shadows a whole world, the physical presence or absence.

Challenges are small surprises where the whole, through carefully selected fragments, is transformed into something completely new, breathing a new breath and dynamic. The constant pursuit of a different approach is aimed at the visually ordinary and in open view, in order to reveal its hidden nature and the information that contains.

The real dimension, transforms into questions.

What am I looking at, why do I see it, there is a dialogue that starts but with whom?

The language is not necessarily common and the vocabulary easy, but yet, the questions are absolutely clear. Each challenge is a constant experimentation and playing with creation. Classical rules, we’ve learned and know by heart, are bent or even eliminated on purpose. Techniques are of secondary importance as they do not follow a standard rules book but the need for expression and aesthetic depiction.

Awarded photographer/photojounalist living and working in Cyprus. Reading, writting, teaching. Photobooks collector.