©André Kertész, The Fork, Paris (1928)

What camera do you use?

We see photos everywhere. On the internet, magazines, newspapers, billboards. Everywhere. Few of them are great and others just vehicles to pass, to the untrained certain mostly marketing, messages.

Perhaps the most common question photographers, amateurs or pros are asked is about the tools they are using, camera, format, lenses, cords, software etc. Sometime others talk about the X or Y camera and lens the X or Y famous photographer used or uses.

So, what’s your point? Keep in mind that all the old masters, didn’t have the exceptionally fast or accurate or light tools…

Office View ©Stefanos Kouratzis

Photography, is the key that unlocks the chains of reality.

By living in an industrialized system of visual information, we are constantly bombarded with a plethora of temporary photographic rubbish and we find ourselves in a constant risk of being disorientated from the very essence of Photography and its important role since its discovery in our everyday life but above all, in our collective memory. It is a language and its ability lays in its ongoing evolution.

As a medium, redefines structured rules and boundaries by sharpening our perception and challenging everything, visually established, in its essence.

Has set new…

Stefanos Kouratzis

Awarded photographer/photojounalist living and working in Cyprus. Reading, writting, teaching. Photobooks collector. www.kouratzis.com

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